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put the color back in your content



Explosive content, stunning social, strategy that makes a difference.

With eight years of proven experience in marketing for high-growth startups, I have the knowledge you need to initialize, grow, and sustain your marketing materials.

I've touched almost all facets of content -- from expert interviews and customer case studies to defining and leading marketing strategies and distribution plans. I'm passionate about sharing compelling stories and insights, and I'm not afraid to create systems that enable sustainability. (I've never met a spreadsheet I didn't like.)


Halden Pfearsen marketing is the difference between social and content marketing and marketing strategy that's just ok... and the stuff that knocks your socks off.

And I'm funny on a zoom call, which doesn't hurt.

Look below for samples of my work, and find my full list of projects here.


free samples.

"Her capacity to manage multiple priorities and articles at once is incredible, and the speed in which she can create content is unparalleled. The top speed doesn't stop her from rigorously researching topics, interviewing experts, and creating true QUALITY content. Anyone who has worked on or created content knows that the combination of these qualities is a rare find."

Shannon Ogborn


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